What is iTrackEasy

iTrackEasy(iTrack) is a small Bluetooth device that can be attached to any of items. With the iOS or Android app on your smart phone you can locate your lost or misplaced item easily.

Features list:

1. iTrack List

iTrack List shows current status for all devices, such as
-connected: iTrack is connect to the Phone
-connecting: iTrack is connecting to the Phone
-disconnected: iTrack is not connect to the Phone
-off: iTrack is Power off, you need hold the button on iTrack to turn it on again.
-mark as lost: After you mark the iTrack as lost, the iTrack network will find for you. You will be notified via a push notification whenever its location is updated.
-found: Your lost iTrack was found by our iTrack network.

2.Device Ringer and Visual Alert

With the quick tap on your iTrack app, you can easily find your item by the ringer sound and LED light.

3. Location Indicator

3.1 The iTrack app displays the distance between you and your items-letting you know how far your item is.

3.2 Or you can use our iTrack map to locate your lost item, the app does automatically record the last place your phone saw your iTrack device.

4. Camera Remote

The button on the iTrack device also doubles as a camera remote. Never be left out of a group picture again. Step1: Press 'Camera remote' button on App, then you can see the phone's camera.

Step2: Press the button on iTrack

5. Phone Finder

Can't find your phone? Long press your iTrack device's button to ring your phone.

6. iTrack Networking

If an item is lost, the iTrack network will find it for you. You will receive a notification of where your item is when another iTrack user goes near your time.

7. Separation Alert

Receive notifications on your phone when the iTrack device was disconnected.

8. Wi-Fi Safe Area

You can set Wifi Safe Area in iTrack Settings.
With this Option'ON', you can select your trusted WiFi as WiFi safe zone. When you connect to these WiFi networks, distance alerts are disabled both in the iTrack app and the device to avoid constant alerts.

9. Sleep Mode

With this option Ħ°ONĦħ, you can set the iTrack device to sleep to save battery life and to avoid unwanted alert.


If you have any question ,please email to: support@kkmcn.com, and we'll be happy to assist you! We respond to most inquiries within 2 business day.